• Services
  • International transportation

    Various full and part load transportation in the Baltics, Europe, Russia and other CIS countries on certain routes and times. Thanks to optimized daily and weekly routes, convenient delivery of goods right "to the door" is possible, by the address given on the customer's tent, isothermal and refrigerated transport configurations.

    Local and Baltic transport

    Full load and partial freight transportation in Latvian Republic and Baltic areas. If necessary, the there is an opportunity to hire a truck for a certain period of time or pay for a kilometers.

    Oversized cargo

    Oversized cargo transportation is organized to and from Scandinavia, the Balkans, Russia and all Western European countries - Austria, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, etc.

    Express delivery services

    In cases, where there is a need for quick shipment transport over longer distances, RITLOGISTIKA ensure delivery by air. Shorter distances are assigned to cargo vans.

    Storage of cargoes

    To ensure that delivery happens at the right time, RITLOGISTIKA offers clients an ability to store their cargo at warehouse.

    Sea shipments

    Container transportation in the most popular directions in the Baltic States, Europe, Asia, South and North America, China, etc. Door to door delivery is also possible.


    RITLOGISTIKA offers freight services by land, sea and air in certain optimized routes. For road transport services are available cargo vans; trucks with 5-8 LDM (with lift); 13.6 LDM tent or isothermal trailers; 13.6 LDM megaliners with 100m3 capacity; truck configurations with a capacity of 120m3; various transport with controllable temperature mode; standard and oversized cargo platforms; container sporters. Sea container shipping in Europe, Asia and America.


    An experienced broker service. Cargo declaration and customs clearance. In cases where the confidentiality is important, RITLOGISTIKA provides the opportunity to use CMR.


    Secure cargo delivery to and form Europe and Asia in shortest time. Various types and sizes: oversized, chemical, explosive, heavyweight. Our specialists will help to arrange all the necessary documents, permits and formalities that often are different from one EU member state to other.