RITLOGISTIKA has been operating in Europe since 2003, having also expanded its range of operations recently to Asia and other continents. Our core activity is the transportation of freight of any type and size, including off-gauge cargo. The company offers complete supply chain service – door-to-door deliveries across a vast region.

Thanks to the experience and responsiveness of its experts, RITLOGISTIKA is capable of prompt reaction to transport requests and considering its customers’ preferences, which ensures efficient supply handling – in a circumspect and expeditious. RITLOGISTIKA is bound to ensure immediacy and special attitude towards each customer and cargo batch.

RITLOGISTIKA keeps its civil liability insured and, if required, insures valuable goods in favour of the customer for the duration of transportation thereof. When confidentiality and discreetness matter, RITLOGISTIKA offers the option of using the consignment note (CMR) replacement service. At that, the recipient is unable to determine the initial freight consignor.

RITLOGISTIKA optimises the costs of freight transportation by means of employing regular daily or weekly supply routes, which ensure deliveries within short and predetermined. If, for any reason, a vehicle is delayed and cannot arrive to the destination point on time, it is promptly substituted with the nearest available vehicle.

RITLOGISTIKA extends support to sports – streetball and volleyball. Known for its achievements, the Kripatas Streetball Team took part in Ghetto Basket tournaments of 2014 and 2015.

RITLOGISTIKA takes great pride in the achievements of its sponsee, the Kuldīga Ladies' Volleyball Team, which has won the Latvian Champion's Title in the 1st women’s volleyball league in 2015.

Since 2013, RITLOGISTIKA also supports motor sports, being one of the main sponsors of Motorsport.lv on its way towards its goals. At first, this support used to help the project bring amateur sports events to a new level, and since 2015, outside help also allows this project to promote the development of youth motor sports.