We ship container cargo to the most popular destinations in the Baltic States, Europe, Asia, South America, North America, China, etc. Shipping by sea is definitely one of the most popular modes of transportation in the logistics industry. Door-to-door deliveries can also be arranged. RITLOGISTIKA provides efficient and economical solutions for marine transport operations of any kind, which include the execution of any relevant documentation as may be required.

Maine transportation often becomes the number one choice when there are no overland freight routes connecting the dispatch and destination points, or when delivery by land would be less lucrative in terms of time and expenditures. For instance, deliveries by sea between the European countries that share a common maritime border are often faster and cheaper than transportation by land.

Our company offers a broad range of container shipping services:

- standard containers (20’ Dry Container, 40’ Dry Container)

- standard High Cube containers (20’ High Cube Container, 40’ High Cube Container, 45’ High Cube Container)

- pallet-wide containers

- reefer containers (20’ Reefer, 40’ Reefer, 45’ Reefer High Cube)

- 20’ Open Top, 40’ Open Top

- flat racks for the transportation of overweight cargo

- tank containers

- bulk carriage containers

- insulated containers