RITLOGISTIKA offers delivery by air on occasions when a certain batch of freight has to be delivered to a remote destination as fast as possible. On shorter routes, a cargo van is usually assigned.

It goes without saying that the need to deliver a batch of cargo is not an infrequent occasion in the daily course of our work. This is a specific trait of our age, one that RITLOGISTIKA adjusts itself to by means of finding and developing transport solutions that would satisfy every party involved. We do know full well that speed takes nerves, so the development of a reasonable and transparent plan for each individual dispatch is given priority as an especially important stage.

Every delay en route from point A to point B s a waste of precious minutes and hours, so we process every express order immediately, taking an individual approach to the situation whilst also retaining the quality of service in progress.

As delivery types and timing can be different in each specific situation, it is reasonable to rely on our transport managers to prepare an individual offer meeting your needs and preferences to the maximum extent possible.