We offer prompt and safe transportation of hazardous freight of any type and dimensions (oversize, chemical, explosive, overweight cargo) to various destinations in Europe and Asia. Along with the transportation services, we offer professional guidance in the execution of documents, obtainment of permits and settlement of any other formalities required for the transportation of hazardous freight.

Inherent in any hazardous freight is the risk of damage to the environment, including harm to living beings in the vicinity. The respective classification system discerns between 13 classes of hazardous freight, classified by the aggressive nature and aggregative state of the constituent substances thereof. Transportation of such freights is governed by international conventions applying to each specific mode of transportation.

Special attention must be paid to the packing of hazardous freight, in order to avoid any risk of jeopardising the life and health of personnel and ensure safety of the cargo. Such freight is mainly carried by road, which is called ADR haulage. According to the ADR Convention, all vehicles at the disposal of RITLOGISTIKA that are used for the transportation of hazardous freight are properly equipped and meet all the applicable safety standards. All drivers assigned to carry hazardous freight bear valid ADR licences.