RITLOGISTIKA offers ample opportunities and specialised solutions for the transportation of full and part cargo all over the territory of the Baltic States, Europe, Russia and the CIS countries in adherence to predetermined routes and agreed schedules. Thanks to optimised daily and weekly routes, freight can be conveniently delivered door-to-door to any address specified by the customer. We provide tent, refrigerated and isothermal tractor-trailer units.

The most popular freight deliveries are to and from European countries such as Poland, Germany, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), France, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Estonia and others. In the course of working in these markets, which have characteristically strict requirements towards quality, RITLOGISTIKA keeps on perfecting itself, as the dynamic logistics environment demands fast reaction to any change or unconventional situation. All actions pertaining to transportation services are carried out by experienced professionals in the industry, allowing RITLOGISTIKA to offer foreseeable and transparent international freight transportation fees.

Goods, package and freight transportation services are rendered to the highest quality, regardless of the amounts, as each customer has unique and specific requirements. It conduces our daily development and our pursuit of new solutions, as working within just a single template would prevent us from rendering maximum benefit to our partners.

In order to avoid any unwanted surprises, our transport managers are always open for dialogue and new ideas, which could help us shape our services in the international freight transportation segment together.