RITLOGISTIKA handles the transportation of full and part cargo across the territory of Latvia and the Baltic States. Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian territories are well known to the local freight forwarders. These are the trump cards that we use to the benefit of our customers and ourselves. Being familiar with the local routes and specific peculiarities thereof, we are able to achieve a considerable reduction of freight forwarding costs, which, in turn, saves our customers' time and money.

We have a fleet of vehicles of different kinds at our disposal to handle freight transportation and provide other logistics services in Latvia and the Baltic States. The choice of a solution that would be most appropriate for your specific needs is determined by the amount and properties of the cargo. You can choose between renting a vehicle for a specific period of time or pay on a per kilometre basis, as may be more appropriate. Our experts are always open for discussion and capable of identifying the best solution for any situation.

Even if the freight simply needs to be taken from Riga to Liepaja, it will be delivered in perfect observance of the highest technical and environmental standards.

Local freight voyages by road usually take us 1 or 2 days to complete.