RITLOGISTIKA is one of the few logistics operators in Latvia with the experience of organising off-gauge freight transportation to Scandinavia, the Balkans, Russia and Western European countries: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, etc.

Oversize freight is generally much larger or heavier than any regular batch of cargo, and therefore requires specialised vehicles appropriate for the transportation of off-gauge and overweight objects. This is deemed one of the most complicated types of transportation, as the process thereof requires special attention to be paid to road infrastructure and subtle technical peculiarities that would be of no relevance in standard situations.

We offer off-gauge cargo transportation services and secure special transport permits. Through the use of cutting-edge solutions in the off-gauge freight transportation industry, we shall help you optimise the supply process, settle any customs formalities as may be required and provide other consulting services to ensure flawless execution of any relevant documents. If required, RITLOGISTIKA can have your freight delivered to a guarded warehouse for short or long term storage.

RITLOGISTIKA is experienced in the delivery of various machinery and equipment:

  • delivery of agricultural machinery (tractors and combine harvesters);
  • delivery of road construction machinery;
  • delivery of industrial equipment;
  • delivery of prefabricated houses.